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Upgrade Xcelsius Engage

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Hi guys,

I would like to ask you a doubt I have about an upgrade.

I am newbie on Xcelsius, but I have been searching an answer with no luck.

The point is that my business user is running an xcelsius file locally with xcelsius engage version His file is taking ages, when running, after every little change and we are thinking of upgrade his local xcelsius version. Currently I am running version and the xlf file is running with no issue.

My question is: Will the upgrade process delete the saved local xlf files in the business user's laptop?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Francis,

upgrade process will not delete any saved xcelsius file in local system. Xcelsius file created in a lower version can be opened in a higher version. So your business user can open the same file in new version after upgrade. But you cannot open a file created in a higher version of xcelsius in a lower version.

Also keep in mind that once a file created in a lower version is opened in higher version, it cannot be opened again in the lower version.


Nikhil Joy

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