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Upgrade to NW0S BI from BW3.5

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BW7.0 Upgrade

Posted: Jan 11, 2006 12:30 AM Reply E-mail this post


We are in the process of upgrading our dev BW system from 3.5 to the latest 7.0 version. We have just finished upgrading the software.

In one of the application, I noticed that the new Business content provides for more info providers( cubes and ODS) than the previous version(3.5).

Previously we already had some business content for this particular application activated and some were already loaded with data as well. However since the BW7.0 is a little different than the BW3.5 in terms of the Data staging ( Transfer Rule and Update rule are now combined in one transformation) I was wondering whether, I should delete all existing objects( after deleting data) and reactivate everything from the business content in order to avoid the mix up.

This shouldn’t be an issue since we are still in the development stage in the project and haven’t even started our testing.

Any body has any comments?


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currently, there is only little Business Content on the new NetWeaver 2004s technology (i.e. new DataSource, transformation etc.).

Anyway, in general I would recommend keeping the BW 3.5 technology (which can still be used and is still supported) and migrate to new technology wherever you need new functionality (e.g. delta split with new DTP). If you build new objects, I would definitely recommend using the NetWeaver 2004s technology.

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Alex Peter