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Upgrade to BO 4

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Hi All,

There is an upgrade activity planned from BO XI R2 to BO 4.0,

The current BO XI R2 is installed on Oracle 9i database and according to BO4 PAM (Product  Availabiltiy Matrix) Oracle 9i is not supported for BO 4.0.

The client is planning for a Database upgrade to Oracle 10g and the system is ready but the contents are not migrated from Oracle 9i.

Now, shall we proceed with BO 4.0 installation making the new Oracle 10g system as BOE Repository, and start migrating objects form BO XI R2 to BO4.

The source system for BO 4.0 will be Oracle 10g, which will not have any data or table structure for the universes or Webi Report.

Is it a good way to proceed the BO migration, without having the tables available for reporting in the upgraded source system Oracle 10g.

Please suggest....

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Answers (2)

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Hi Niranjan,

Thanks for your replay, will check this document...and thanks..

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Hi Mukesh,

If you are going to use the Oracle 10 g as your CMS database, so during or after installation, if you point your BO server to the Oracle 10g server, all the required tables will be automatically created with in the Oracle database schema.

Before you go ahead and migrate the data from XI R2 please do check wethere the new installation with Oracle 10g is working perfectly with out any issues.

If both source and destination are running good, then you can go with the migration process.

Please do go through all the required information before the migration process.


There are few prerequisites we have to follow like XI R2 should be minimum with Patch SP2 and you should have required backups of the Filestore and CMS database.

All the information you can get from the above link (Upgarde Management Tool).