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Upgrade: Netweaver 7.0 CRM 7.0 to Netweaver 7.31 CRM EhP2 in new Track

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Hello Experts,

We are planning for an upgrade from NW 7.0 CRM 7.0 to NW 7.31 CRM EhP2.  In the existing CRM 7.0 application we have custom functionality developed on 3 applications on Track 1 (lets say ex:  home/b2bapp1 ; home/b2capp1 ; home/useradmapp1).

We want the upgrade to be on new Track, lets say Track 2 with new application context names (ex: home/b2bapp2; home/b2capp2; home/useradmapp2).

We have the following points in mind.  Need expert review and let us know if there is better way of handling our requirement.

1.  Copy Track 1 to Track 2

2.  Track 2 will contain CUSTCRMPRJ and other java components on 7.00 version with old context names

3.  import Track 2 in NWDS and create projects of each app.

4.  Download 7.32 SCAs from service market place and deploy on the new track.

5.  Check for DTR conflicts in NWDS and resolve all the conflicts.

6.  Create new application contexts in CUSTCRMPRJ DC and rename in .xml files

7.  check-in the activities to server.

Please let us know if the above steps are in-align with SAP standard way,  Please share if there are any helpful documents explaining our requirement.

Thanks in Advance!



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Hi Satish,

I have similar requirement as yours. We are also upgrading from NW 7.01 to NW 7.31. Were you able to successfully migrate using the steps mentioned above ?

Please share your experience.



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Hello Yomesh

Please see the steps in the link i posted above.

Any questions let me know.


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Hi Kenny,

I have reviewed the document you mentioned. I am specifically looking at scenario explained on page 15 for modification of SAP delivered Software component.

But I guess the configuration wizard is only available for NWDI 7.3. Is that a true statement ?

In my case we have not yet upgraded NWDI system. NWDI is on NW 7.0 and we have upgraded CRM from NW 7.01 to NW 7.3. We have modified SAP delivered SWC SAP-CRMWEB in 7.01, which we need to migrate to NW 7.3 track.

Could you please list down the steps (best practice) to do this in case we cannot leverage the configuration wizard as mentioned on your document?

(Note: I am aware of the general steps of creating a new track, creating build variants, check-in SWC etc. These steps are already done. I am looking for steps on how to ensure my custom enhancements in SAP-CRMWEB 7.0 are migrated to SAP-CRMWEB 7.3 when we do the upgrade)



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Hey Yomesh,

We have followed SAP Note 1693378 for new track creation.  Even our NWDI is on 7.0 currently and the new track is also created on 7.0.

Is that we need to upgrade NWDI first to 7.3 and then create new track?

We are facing issue with our new track, there are broken DCs in all the components.

Following is the error:

Cannot get build plug-in for DC "" in configuration "NWD_CRM7EP2_D" : Component does not exist on the build server (CBS Server Error: Unknown development component          ( internal code: DC_UNKNOWN))

Trying to figure it out.  Please share inputs if any.