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Upgrade from NW 7.01 SPS6 to NW 7.3

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Hi Guru's

We want to Update ECC6 to EHP5 and Upgrade NW Portal to 7.3.

We are currently on ECC6 EHP4 SPS6 and the NW Portal on NW 7.01 SPS6

We have PPM 4.5 Java apps running on the NW 7.01 Portal.

Question 1)  Do we have to upgrade PPM 4.5 to PPM 5.0 or will the JAVA apps run on NW 7.3.

Question 2)  Do anyone know how much effort will it be to re-compile older Java Apps.  (Before EHP4)

Question 3)  Could anyone direct me to a site/document about a functional project plan/steps to Upgrade to NW 7.3.

Have a nice day


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per my understanding the JDK version of a NW 7.01 Java engine (JDK 1.4) is different from the JDK version of a NW 7.3 Java engine (JDK 1.6).

If your existing PPM 4.5 Java apps are running on NW 7.01 Java, they cannot outright run on NW 7.3 Java.

Efforts for re-compiling the same in higher JDK version may be tedious if the relevant APIs are not found.

Pls check through below links, for further help.

1) --> Upgrading PPM 4.5 to PPM 5.0. This also gives a detailed list of SAP Notes for PPM 5.0.

2) -- PPM 5.0 - for Supported EP versions.

3) --> NW 7.02 Vs NW 7.3 from Portal standpoint

4) -- Imp Notes for NW 7.3

5) - Portal Upgrade Approach for NW 7.3


Swapna Priya.

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Thank you Swapna. 

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