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Upgrade 4.6C to ECC6 SR2 Error for getdbobjsize

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I am upgrading from 4.6C to ECC6 SR2 on windows 2003 Virtual and SQL 2000.

I am in the prepare phase at "Intigration" and getting following error

Severe Error : Execute of "tp getdbobjsize" failed, view file TP.ECO and GBDSSHD.LOG" in directory usr\sap\put\log

I have gone through some notes and download this lib_dbsl_207-20000962.sar and updated the dbmssslib.dll file on usr\sap\put\exe directory, but still the same error.

Following is the TP.ECO contents

SAPup> Starting subprocess tp.exe with id 4492 at 20090518144844

EXECUTING d:\usr\sap\put\exe\tp.exe pf=d:\usr\sap\put\bin\TABSPC.TPP getdbobjsize DD1 -x GDBSSHD.SIZ

Environment: dbms_type=mss

Environment: dbs_mss_schema=dbo

This is d:\usr\sap\put\exe\tp.exe version 305.13.24 (release 46D) for ANY database

Warning: unknown parameter WITH_TACOB in parameter file (line 19).

ERROR: : action is unknown

"GETDBOBJSIZE" unknown command: use "help" for an overview of possible commands

tp returncode summary:

TOOLS: Highest return code of single steps was: 0

ERRORS: Highest tp internal error was: 0207

tp finished with return code: 207


action is unknown

Process with ID 3316 terminated with status 207


Jagraj Dhillon

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Answers (1)

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It was the issue with the DB Dlls

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I am facing the same problem in the same Upgrade path.

Could you spacify the DLL problems you fixed?

Thanks a lot in advance.