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Upgrade 4.6c to 4.7 in new hardware, is there any easy way?

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I am a very junior consultant so I apologize in advance if I am asking

naive questions.

We are planning to move our 4.6c system to 4.7 and to a different

hardware. I've been told that the standard way to achieve it is to

install 4.6c in the new computer, import the original 4.6c database

from the newly installed R/3, and then start the upgrade process, which

might be tedious.

Is it possible to perform the upgrade by just installing 4.7 in the new

computer and then import the 4.6c database? Or does it exist any other

direct approach? We have no problem with downtime.

I will also appreciate any links or other source of information.

Thanks in advance and kind regards.

Antonio Sánchez.

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Answers (2)

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Thank you Pravesh.

It seems there is not such a possibility. SAP suggest an Heterogeneous System Copy as a possible approach, but the whole upgrade process must be followed.

Kind regards,

Antonio Sánchez.

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Hi Antonia,

System Copy is the best practise. Use System Copy and start upgrade to 4.7



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Hi Antonio,

First of all please dont apologize for any kind of question. We all here to learn and share our experiences which could help each other. So no need to be formal in any ways..

Regarding the links please visit:


for the resources concerning upgrades to 4.7.

You will get all upgradation possiblities and consideration in the solution area on this site.

Apart from this visit


Some what same issue as yours.. Get an idea from this as well.

By the way I have read that its more advantageous to upgrade the 4.6 system to mySAP ERP than upgrading it to R/3 4.7. Have a look to the site below:


Hope this helps..



PS: Please Consider awarding if helpful..