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Updating User in IDM Does Not Reflect in Connected SAP AS ABAP System

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Hello Experts,

We are working on a IDM scenario on IDM 7.2. We have done the configuration as per the configuration guide, and successfully done an initial load of the users from a connected SAP ABAP system. From the IDM UI, when we change an user (Via web enabled tasks), the user record gets modified in IDM, but the changes do not get reflected in the connected ABAP system. When we look for system logs or tasks in the Identity Center, we do not find any entries. Can you please guide us in with some pointers, so as to why this behavior might be occurring?

Thanks and Regards,


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I suspect there is a problem with some tasks in the Provisioning Queue. Apart from the Modify operation which you are performing, is anything else (like assigning a role) flowing to AS ABAP system ?



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Hi Murali,

Currently nothing is getting reflected in the ABAP system. I suspect we need to assign some task events somewhere but I dont know the details where to assign which event. Currently the web enabled task "Disable Identity" gets called when I disable any user from IDM UI. I need some details on where to assign which which event that would trigger the provision into the target system. Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,