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Updating of 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT in BW after change value keys in SAP R3

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WE use 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT in several data target such (standard : 0FIAP_C03, 0FIAR_O03, or sepcific that contain more than 30 000 000 records ...)

0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT values have been changed in our SAP R3 after a latest taking over of a company by our company. Then, the old 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT keys aren't longer valid and we are using currently a new values.

SAP R3 consultants have done some tasks in the OLAP system to update the master data of these field in R3.

Now, we would like to do the necessary in BW system to update our info object (0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT).

Could you please give us the main task to do or a document if you have it to help us.

In other words, we are thinking on the action plan in the BW inside to reload new values and delete old values of these info objects, and we need some help.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If u are sure that, the old 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT keys aren't longer valid then better to delete master data (with SIDs) from 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT and do a fresh extract from R/3.

If data targets (0FIAP_C03, 0FIAR_O03 etc) are already loaded.. then deleting master data is bit time taking process. U have the following options..

Option 1:

If it is development system, simply u can delete data from infoproviders and infoobject (0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT) and reload.

If it is production system, u can do the same before that daily load starts... (our process chains run only on working days based on factory calender...So, we handle these kind of issues on Sundays i.e. before the daily load PC starts)...

Option 2:

If u have less no.of values (for 0COMP_CODE, 0PLANT) to delete, then follow below process to delete master data.

While deleting particular value from any infoobject (say 0COMP_CODE), and the log (SLG1)says, SID exists in DIM table (like /BIC/0FIAP_C031).

First delete (selective deletion) that value from cube (0FIAP_C03)

Use Tcode RSRV  Tests in Transaction RSRV  All Elementary Tests  Transaction Data  Entries Not Used in the dimension of an InfoCube (Dbl Click)

From the right side window, expand u201CEntries Not Used in the Dimension of an InfoCubeu201D Node &

Enter InfoCube (like 0FIAP_C03), click u201CTransferu201D

Now, click u201CExecuteu201D (Toolbar)u2026 and the results displayed in the right side window..

Now, click u201CCorrect erroru201D (Toolbar)


Now, try to delete same value from infoobject (say 0COMP_CODE), and if the log says SID used in some other DIM table, follow the above process.

If the log says, the SID uesed in DSO/Cube, then goto manage (of DSO/Cube) and do the selective deletion.

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Hi Mr V,

First of all Sorry for answerring late, I was on holiday.

For information, we have to do it on production system and we have more than 30 000 000 records in some data target.

I will try your process to delete master data on dev system and will let you know.


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Deleting master data with SID will also force you to delete data where its used, cant you run fresh load by splitting up the infopackages based on year/month. Obviously you have to drop all the data from targets

Normally when master data is changed at source level a complete full load of its master and transaction data is required


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