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Update the content of SAPUI5 table(sap.ui.table.table) to backend using xsodata

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HI Gurus,

I have a table with 10 columns out of which 8 are editable.I am using xsodata service(based on CV) to bind the ui table.I have a save button by which the changes should be pushed to backend.How should I Update the changed column values to backend?

Can I use update using odata /odata exits in this case?From what I understand the oDataModel.update() function can be used for one record at a time.How can mass change in the table be handled?

What could be the right approach to achieve it via xsjs?



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Hi Manas Pandey,

You Can use SetInterval function and write the respective AJAX Call of XS Odata in the AJAX Call it will automatically update the records into the table.



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HI Mantri Shekar,

Thank you for the reply.

The answer is not clear.Can you please elaborate more.