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Update Sales Order Item - Realistic approach

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Hi Experts,

I have got a requirement to update multiple Sales Order Items in one operation.

I know that many experts would recommend to use $batch.

Even I would have preferred $batch approach but in the AS-IS SAP world we usually use a BAPI (to ensure data consistency and data integrity) to update a Sales Order and we may have to pass header as well as item data in case we want to update a Sales Order.

Whereas, as per OData specifications, the updates should happen for Sales Order Item entity using the Keys - Sales Order No. and Item No. But in the AS-IS SAP world we do not update tables but we invoke BAPIs to update a data object (In our case, SalesOrder).

Could anyone please advise me with a way to bridge the gap.

Also, technically, the deep insert feature could be used for meeting this requirement. Could you please provide your views on this workaround.



P.S. I have gone through the following discussion about the update deep entity.

but this doesnt seem to provide required analysis of work arounds and doesnt discuss about bridging the gap between the AS-IS SAP world of BAPIs and Odata specifications.

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Hello Jiten,

Use PUT BATCH Request only to send all the Items Details to be updated inside a single Payload as part of Single Change Set.

This way you can call Update at once by collecting all items details of payload.

Check below ->

Performance Improvements on $batch (Change Set at Once/Change Set in Defer Mode)



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I am facing a similar requirement, where I need to up modify few field of sales order header, item and schedule lines in a single payload.

If you could provide some more details on how to use batch for this requirement.