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Update rules active, but Key figures in red

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Hello Experts,

There is a load from ODS to Cube. And there some addtional infobjects IOB1-IOB4 which are referenced in the update start routines and not present in the ODS.

The IOB1-IOB4 are added in the communication structure. But pretty now and then they disappear. And update rules are still active with the key figures having the red symbol.


1) Is it a known problem, is there any fix for this

2) Why are the update rules active and key figures in red and still the data load is being carried out without any error messages in the data monitor

3) Is the data loaded correctly at these situations.

Many thanks in advance..


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Answers (3)

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hi sandhya!

do u have those key figures in the comm structure?


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Hello Sandhya,

You need to assign initial value for the characteristics

which doesn't exist in the ODS. Assign the initial values for these in the update rules.



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Hi Sandhya,

Please, try to select the line of the problem keyfigure and click on Detail. See if all Characteristics and Time Ref are ok for this keyfigure.