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Update Rule According to Selected Complex Table Record

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I am working on SMP 3.0 SDK for developing Agentry apps. On the add transaction screen there is a complex table list field which includes items. Under this complex table , there are other fields like Quantity , Currency... on the same screen.

My problem is that i want to update other fields according to selected complex table record by complex table list. Because the complex table has these variables (Quantity,Currency) as fields. Here is my screen and my update rule for other fields on same screen;


How can i handle selected complex table record for my update rule?

Best Regards,

Serkan DEMIR

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Serkan,

Refer below snap for same,

*) FROM_STRING conversion optional

Complex table

1) Table name =>go to constant -> select your table name from here

2) Search Value => give a search value here so that will be from current screen set drop down/complex table list

3)Search Index => again go to constant->select appropriate index from there

4)Return Field => again go to constant->select appropriate field to return value of (like Quantity,Currency that you want)

(In rule editor you have option to go to property,conversion_functions,objects,screenset,subrule.Similarely you have Constant as well. That's what i am referring to...)

Index plays important role here



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Hi AK,

Thanks a lot for your help, it works correctly now.

Best Regards,

Serkan DEMIR

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