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Update of SAPUI5 Client Libraries to 1.30 not yet possible?

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Dear all,

I have an NW 7.40 Gateway Hub Server with component SAP_UI 740 SP 14. The newest SAPUI5 client library version on the system is 1.28.13.

I need to update the client libraries to run a custom Fiori app. In SAP notes, I found two options for it:

a) Installing Support Package for SAP_UI -> there is no SP newer than SP 14 available at the moment.

b) Using report /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME -> according to the SAP notes this one is only for installing patches (such as 1.28.13) and not versions (1.28.13). When I try to install a new version with it, I receive the error "Version is not newer".

How can I update the Client Libraries to 1.30 or newer at the moment?

Thanks a lot,


P.S.: I checked SAP note 2150275 "Installing SAPUI5 Patch leads to version error", however it is only valid up to SAP_UI SP 13. I can not install it in my system and the changes made by the note are already present in the source code of /UI5/UI5_UPLOAD_PATCH_TO_MIME.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAPUI5 1.28 is the LTS (Long Term Support) release - 1.30.x is a development release and is, in fact, already out of maintenance as of December 2015 and 1.32.x is the current development release (see the version overview). As you're using the 7.40 UI Add-On, patches will only deliver updates to the maintenance version, 1.28 in your case.

To deploy a new version of UI5 you're going to need to update to the 7.50 UI Add-On, which can be installed on 7.40 systems. Note 2217489 may be of assistance here. Be warned that this may have an implication if you're using some SAP standard Fiori apps - some are not yet released for that version (see note 2200415).

A more prudent approach may be to change the Fiori app (which is custom) to load the UI5 libraries from the CDN instead of from the Gateway server?

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Thanks a lot, Michael! I am going to try to install SAP_UI 750 and let you know whether it works.

Bootstrapping is automatically done by the Fiori Launchpad, if I´m not mistaken. There are no script tags in the component.js that is executed by the Launchpad together with some configuration files. Those configuration files mention a preferred SAPUI5 version, but no library source, as far as I know.

When we started development a few weeks ago, 1.30 was the newest available release to work with in SAP Web IDE - next time I would check the status of that version beforehand in the version overview you mentioned.

Best regards,


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Any conclusions ?  



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Really helpful MJ, thanks.

A couple of the links did not work for me, so I've added them here:


Versions overview

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