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Update cube with history data based on master data changes in ODS

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Hello BW guru's,

I have a custom cube with one update rule, that gets uploaded with transactional data from an ODS1. In the update rule I have objects with routines that update those with master data from another ODS2.

If something is changing in the ODS2 (the master data ODS) I want to be able to apply the changes in ODS1 to the historical transactional data, that has already been loaded into the cube. The transactional data did not change only the master data. All my data is time independent for better performance.

Anybody knows how I could implement those updates, maybe some coding in the start routine....or...every suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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Answers (3)

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Not sure why you are storing master data in ODS rather than master data objects.

But the solution to your problem probably is to create a copy of ODS1 (lets say ODS1C). Then link the export datasource of ODS1 to ODS1C and the export datasource of ODS1C to ODS1 in a circular fashion.

When you need to refresh the data in ODS1, export all records to ODS1C and then back to ODS1. In the update rules, you could code your logic to pick up the master data from ODS2.

Hope this helps.

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It seems to me, that in stead of using an ODS for master data You should just use a real masterdata object which is time independant and indclude it as dimension in Your Cube. Changes in this masterdataobject will then be reflected automatically.

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Hi Ramona,

there is no easy way to do it.

Could you please tell me why you want to update ODS1 Masterdate from ODS1?

What are you trying to achive with this?