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Unselect a row after delete

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Hi experts:

I am using a HTMLB tableview to show data to the user linked to a internal table, and I am showing as well a DELETE button to erase the selected rows.

I'm using the prevselectedrowindextable table to obtain the rows to delete. It works, but I want that no row keep selected after I delete the selected ones.

I tried to refresh this table, prevselectedrowindextable, but still the table view marks the rows in the index that previously occuped the ones rows I've just erased from the table liked to the tableview.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use the below code to unselect rows in a tableview.

DATA: lv_total_rows type i .

describe table itab lines lv_total_rows.
      rowcount = lv_total_rows
      request  = request
      id       = 'your_tableview_id'
      check    = ' '
      ) .

Where ITAB is internal table of tableview.Use this code after deleting selected lines from itab.



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Hi Anubhav:

Solved problem ¡¡!!!. Thank you very much

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