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UNPACK/ora3127 errors during SE11--> Display

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Hello, I am using an R3Ex110 box running on WAS620 and Oracle9206. When I run SE11--> Display for certain tables, the wp dumps because of the following messages in the wp tracefile:

B ***LOG BZW=> error 2 on compression/decompression using UNPACK [dbdynp#1 @ 842] [dbdynp 0842 ]

B *** ERROR => Involved dynpro: SAPLSD41 - 2201

[dbdynp.c 842]

Y *** ERROR => DY-SRC_READ BUFFER: any error 4 [dgdynp.c 1162]

Y *** ERROR => could not read dynpro source: SAPLSD41 2201 rc=16 [dynpabsv.c 5065]

C *** ERROR => Failed to register application info: orc=3127

[dboci.c 2932]

C *** ERROR => Error in stmt_fetch()

[dbsloci.c 11869]

C *** ERROR => ORA-3127 occurred when executing SQL statement (parse error offset=0)

[dbsloci.c 11870]

The se11 dump doesn't happen w/ all tables. It appears to only happen w/ transparent/normal tables (edids, e071k, baldat, bdcp, etc). Cluster type tables (edi40, cdcls, dokclu) all seem to work fine.

I've put on the latest r/3 kernel and the latest dboraslib.dll. I've also tried running SGEN to fix it, but neither helped. Please advise if you have any recommendations.

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Answers (1)

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Following OSS Notes might help -

- 534729

- 567866


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Thanks Sanjeev - this is a central system install (db server only) - no apps. So 534729 which indicates a network error doesn't really make sense.

The other note I am checking this, but no recovery was done any time lately.