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Unmanaged RAP BO with draft: error when pressing edit

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I have implemented Unmanaged RAP BO with draft on BTP ABAP trial environment. OData version is V4.

unmanaged implementation in class zbp_i_person_u unique;
with draft;

Create operation with draft went successful however, when I press "Edit" on the detail screen, the following error is issued.

With debugging, I found that the error had occurred at process related to locking.

The failed structure got "NOT_FOUND" error as below.

I haven't written my lock logic yet, and the implementation is almost empty as below.

  METHOD lock.
    if sy-subrc = 0.

If I disable draft and switched to OData V2 (because with V4 we don't see Edit button without draft), there's no error.

Is draft with unmanaged BO not supported?



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Or, should I create a draft entity in the lock method?

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I've tried creating a draft entity in the lock method, but unfortunately it is not allowed .

  METHOD lock.
    "create draft entity in case of update request
    MODIFY ENTITIES of zi_person_u in LOCAL MODE
      ENTITY Person
        EXECUTE edit from
        value #( for key in keys ( PersonID = key-PersonID ) )
        REPORTED data(edit_reported)
        FAILED data(edit_failed)
        MAPPED data(edit_mapped).

    reported = CORRESPONDING #( edit_reported ).
    failed = CORRESPONDING #( edit_failed ).
    mapped = CORRESPONDING #( edit_mapped ).


I got the following runtime error.

How should draft entity be created when editing an unmanaged BO?

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