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Universe using ODATA data source in IDT

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We are using OData as the data source for IDT. When the Uri is something like:

http://host:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/service_name/ all is fine. However,

  1. The ODATA URI requires $filter to be passed. How can I achieve this?
  2. Our S4HANA system has multiple clients and data is client dependent. How do I specify ODATA URL to point to specific client? Moreover, the relevant client numbers will be different for development (dev) and QA, and different for production (prod). How do I get this to work?
  3. When going from dev to QA to prod environments the host name will change as well, but I get an error if I use a relative URL. How can I fix this?

Request any guidance from anyone on this.



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1.) you find the OData v2 URL conventions here:

2.) you could use external aliases. These can be configured such on each system that they also contain the login client.

3.) If your SAP UI5 app has been deployed on your SAP Fiori Frontend server / SAP Gateway Hub use of relative URL's should work.

Best Regards,


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Hi Andre,

Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately the URI convention does not work with IDT. The URI needs to be given and the tool appends $metadata to it. When I add the client option i.e. /$metadata?sap-client=102, the tool adds /$metadata?sap-client=102/$metadata when checking and fails. If I add only ?sap-client=102 i.e. http://host:8000/sap/opu/odata/sap/service_name/?sap-client=102 then the client is ignored - I know this because I have 2 different passwords for the users of the two clients.

The screenshot shows the only possible options I can add and that is the URI itself and the username/password.