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Uninstall java-addon alone

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Hi all...

I have installing XI.

I have followed XISR1 Installation guide and completed installation till java-addon. Now i experience some problem with Java stack. So i want to uninstall only java-addon. Is there a way that i can uninstall only java-addon.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi Pran,

there is one risky way. Find your java instance and remove the corresponding entires from Services registry (SAP<SID>_<INSTANCE NR>) and restart the system. this might remove the references to the java stack in your server. so, in the perspective of OS, your Java stack is gone.

you may take a backup of the registry contents you are going to delete. just in case something goes wrong, import the registry contents into your regedit and restart the system. the system should rollback to its original state.

if your so-called uninstallation is successful, reinstall Java addon again. (this might not let you create the same instance but in the end your server will have only one java instance).

again, i seriously tell you this is very risky. if you have time and can do R & D, you may go ahead and try this at your own risk. otherwise, remove all and restart your installation.



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