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Unicode support

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hi all,

i am trying to find out some stuff on unicode support in maxdb, but i didn't get much that can help me in getting full information on unicode.

like i have created an Unicode enabled database by setting the parameter _unicode = yes and even i set the parameter mapchar sets defaultmap=unicode.

now i am trying to insert the data which is in japanese language through insert statement into the table whose columns are also set to unicode. but after successfully insertion of data when i was selecting the data from table,instead of getting the japanese language data,i am getting ????(question marks).

i want to know the way to insert or load data who is in Japanese or greek language or some other language.

please suggest me the all possible ways.

thanx, Bhupinder

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For all the SAP unicode information, check out the following links (they are :

How are you viewing the data? Are you using SAPGUI or directly using SQL?

For SAPGUI, you have to set you language code page for the system (to unicode).

If using SQL, you may have to set your code page either for your user or for the session (not a MaxDB expert! )

I hope this helps in some way,


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thank you very much mike!!

it really helps me alot.