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Unhide field KONZS from datasource 0CUSTOMER_ATTR

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Hi All,

I want to use the Group key - KONZS field in datasource 0CUSTOMER_ATTR for

customer master attribute.

For that, I am going to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Unhide KONZS in datasource 0CUSTOMER_ATTR in ECC thru tcode RSA6

2. Check the data in RSA3

3. Replicate in BI Dev.

4. Create a new infoobject ZKONZS in BI Dev.

5. Add ZKONZS infoobject in 0CUSTOMER_ATTR

6. Change in transformation rule for this newly added infoobject


7. Activate 0customer_attr, transformation rules, infopackage & DTP.

8. Now do Full update

9. Now execute Attribute change run for 0customer

Please validate the steps mentioned above, i just want to be sure before doing the same.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Pooja,

4. First try to find the whether standard info object was there or not for ecc field KONZS by using table RSOSFIELDMAP. if not there then you can create custom info object ZKONZS and use it.

4a. If your data source was replicated in  3.x version then you need to migrate your data source to 7.x by using Tx - RSDS.

5. Not required. You need to add zknozs to 0customer info object as attribute(Not to data source)

Remaining steps are correct. for master data loads better to use "Handle duplicate record key" option at DTP settings(if not used).


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi pooja,

this is correct please go ahead and check

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Please post in the proper space in the future