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Understanding the limitations of SAP HANA One on AWS VPC

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This question was originally posted by in the SCN Cloud Community:Joseph Gonzales

Hello SAP HANA One Friends:

I am trying to understand the operating limitations of using the SAP HANA One on the
Amazon Web Service.

Could you please confirm or correct some of understandings related to SAP HANA One?

These are my current understandings:

1.) This offering has hard limits on in-memory size.

2.) There is a limit to allow one flat file upload at a time, or at most 2 or 3 small flat files at a

3.) There is no access or the opportunity to use SLT for real time replication.

4.) There are limits to the number and types of Information models that can be created in the Studio,
such as a limit on the number of types of attribute views, analytic views and calculation views.

5.) That 85 large data files will be too many for the SAP HANA One instance.

6.) That the SAP HANA One is a test/development environment that objects developed in
the AWS Virtual Public Cloud cannot be downloaded to your own SAP HANA development system and moved on to your own Productive SAP HANA.

7.) That use of Business Objects reporting tools will be at an additional cost.

Please review these comments and confirm what is correct, and please revise what is incorrect.

Please note that these questions came up after I reviewed the "Understanding Your SAP HANA One Deployment" document on ExperienceHana.


Joe Gonzales

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Here are brief  response to your questions in the context of SAP HANA One (available only from AWS Marketplace as of now) for productive uses.

1. Yes. For the current offering, the hard limit is 30-32GB compressed data in the HANA One instance.

2. There no known additional limitation of uploading flat files in HANA One. Whatever you can do in SAP HANA, you will be do the same here in SAP HANA One. For performance reasons, you may copy the files to the OS level at the HANA One instance and load them into HANA One instance.

3. Yes,  as of now, there is a legal restriction to connect HANA One via tool like SLT. Please stay tuned for an update here.

4.  There is no additional limits in HANA One as long as you meet 30-32GB compressed data limit in HANA One.

5.  HANA One does not have any additional/special limitation as far as number of data files is concerned.

6.  Please clarify this question further. However,  there is no direct license/cost connection between HANA One and On-Premise HANA.  As long as you have licensed HANA and appropriate versions of HANA, technically, it is possible to move contents.

7.  HANA One includes HANA server, HANA studio and HANA client software. For additional software, you need to meet both license and legal requirements.



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Are there some news about SAP HANA One and SLT ?

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There is no new update on direct data replication in SAP HANA One yet.



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Hi Swapan,

Please help me to answer the below question?

know if HANA One license comes with AFL (Application Functional Library), SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation), etc.

Kind Regards