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Understanding CHARM

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Normal day to day transport activities (DEV--TST, daily 12:00 & 17:00, PRD only once a week)

Create a Maintenance Procject and activate Maintenance cycle/tasklist.

Role & Responsibilities:

Requestor - Create CR & CD including migration into TST

Approver - Approves CR & CD

I.T Operator - Imports in PRD


(1) How does the project cycle work than, every requester creates their own Maintenance Project including

cycle when thay want to import a CR with transports right through to PRD system. This also includes scheduling

the imports using the calender

To me this would mean thousands of Projects and maintenance cycles created for your normal day to day

transport requests per individual.

(2) Can transport be created without a service desk message or change request this way. In some cases

it may not be necessay to create a SD or CR for every Transport.

(3) Can't it be that for your day-to-day transports, a single Maintenance project is created including cycle

that every one can use. (I believe only 1 cycle can be created per project). How is this going to work since

if a CR is created from service desk, how will it know which maintenance cycle to link to?

(4) Role of I.T operator/Basis, wont this take basis out of the import equation altogether than, meaning once

a CR has been approved, the requestor can than schedule the import to PRD into the calender themself..correct!

(5) Who normally creates the Poject and cycle from a day-to-day transport request perpective...BASIS or REQUESTOR.

I can understand this concept purely from a project or upgrade perspective but DAY-TO-DAY transport request

is abit convoluted unless someone gives me a good implementation concept. Personally I think CHARM brings in alot more extra work.

Please share your implementations for CHARM if you may for day to day transports.


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Answers (1)

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No update required...used help notes.

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Would you mind sharing the notes or some answers, for each question you raised?

Appreciate your help!