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Understanding a query

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Hello Experts,

I am unable to understand one existing query's functionality.

In infoprovider panel of Query Designer,we have some characteristics and keyfigures.

In columns panel in QD,

we have one selection VER(I checked its definition.In definition,its based on one keyfigure with selection on one characteristic variable that picks latest version of master data)(the icon of this selection is dark)

we have one formula on one keyfigure KF1

We have one selection on this key figure KF1 but the icon is in dark color.

In rows panel

we have some characteristics

In default value panel

we have some characteristics...on some of the characteristics present here...they have variables..

In characteristic restrictions panel

we have request ID with variable in it....

Now my questions are:

1.whats the logic behind the query.I know that no one can tell clearly as you have not seen the screen but any information about any components will help me understand the query logic better.

2.When they have put Request ID in characteristic restrictions panel,and they have one variable on this,does that mean only data from request IDs allowed by this variable will be shown?

3.they have some characteristics in default values panel...they have variables on some of them..Does that mean the characteristic data choosen in variables will only be shown....??

Thanks alot for your patience.


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Regarding your first question, each query forms a select statement which it uses to fetch data. You can see it in RSRT, debug mode, choose "Display SQL/BIA query", after executing the report, press return button and it will show). Based on the SQL statement it decides the sequence based on which it fetches the data.

So you can analyze the select statement and get a more clear picture.

Regarding second question, when you will restrict a query with request id variable, then what ever requestid you are selecting at the time of query execution. It will display data from that particular request.

For 3rd, Answer is yes if from default panel you mean free characterstics. What ever filters are available in filter tab will be used a global filters.


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Please Correct me if I am wrong.Aren't Default values panel and Free Characteritics panel different?

Free characteristics is the panel where we put characteristics which will not be shown in first run of query but will be shown when we click on them in report.

Default panel,contains characteristics which have some restrictions,act as local filters for datasets...they can be changed later if we wanna bring more data into report.

Filters contain characteristics with filters on them which cannot be changed during run time,act as Global filters.

But the author in above post combines default values with free characteristics???I am confused a bit.



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I am sorry for the confusion. I misunderstood it.

In BI7, the default value filter can be changed at run time. But if no filter is provided by user explictly then default value will act as filter.