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Underlying Database Upgrade - Connection Cached?

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Hi All,

We have migrated the underlying database used in all our reports.

We use predominantly free hand SQL connecting using a shared connection to a sybase database.

The sybase database has changed network locations and port number and the connection details have been updated to match this both in the SQL.iNI file, ODBC settings and Connection details in BO.

The problem we are having is that there are hundreds of reports scheduled and any report scheduled are failing when they atempt to connect to the database.

The error message is still displaying the old server name which makes me believe the connection is being cached.

The strange thing is that If i schedule the report to run now it runs OK but the minute i use a schedule to run on an event and specific days it returns the same error referencing the old server.

I have tried recreating the schedules but the same error returns.

For the life of me I cannot find where / how to fix this issue and any suggestion swould be really helpful. or if there is any documentation on such issues then please point me in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If I understand correct

1. When you create a new schedule to run now ( without events etc.) it works fine.

2. When scheduling at specific recurrence and with event it fails referring to old DB.

3. The existing schedules prior to DB changes continue to fail. even after reschedule.

Can you please try restarting Crystal Report Job server ( I assume you schedule crystal reports). or anyother servers in te server group used for scheduling.

are the reports using ODBC and ODBC data source is updated to connect to the changed DB properly?

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