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Undeploying java components

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I have installed java components for ess mss from the master dvd on the PORTAL..thou this is wrong since it needs to be in the WAS. How can I uninstall them. I have tried to use sdm to undeploy them but i do not find the compnents there. I searched for for example to undeploy it..but it is not listed in the undeployment tab.

Am i going about this the wrong way?

Please assist.

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You do not install on the Portal. Instead, you use SDM to install MSS & ESS. SDM is part of WebAS and it should be OK.

Portal, MSS & ESS are applications running on top of WebAS. SDM is the tool you use for Instllation of applications.

Let me know if my understanding of your question is wrong.

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Thank you for the answer, it makes it more clearer.

Thou i just needed to know how do you uninstall java components in th eportal. But i have solved this using SDM to undeploy them.

Thanks anyways.

I have rewarded you for the info given.

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