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Unable to suppress group footer section based on condition

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Hi Team,

I have created one SAP crystal report. In this report I have created one group based on row headers. There are 4 row headers so 4 sections are created.(suppose the sections are A,B,C,D)

I have suppressed details section.

In this main report I have created 4 sub reports. I have enter this reports in group footers. I want to print this sub report for each row header. example. 1st sub report should print for A row header , 2nd sub report should print for B row header.

I am trying to achieve this but the issue is all the 4 reports are printing for all 4 row headers.

Could you please help on this issue ?


Thanks in advance

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Active Contributor

It sounds like, currently, you have all 4 subreports placed in Group Footer 1 (GF1).
Right-click GF1 and select 'Insert Section Below'. That would result in GF1a and GF1b sections. Repeat twice more to get GF1c and GF1d as well.

Place 1st subreport in GF1a, 2nd subreport in GF1b, etc.

Use the dynamic 'Suppress' expression for each of these sections to Suppress the section when the current group value (what you call 'Header') does not match the one for that subreport.

For example, in the Suppress expression for GF1a, have something like:
{Header} <> "Header 1"