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Unable to setup my Cloud platform trial account (SMS never got to my cellphone)


Hello, i am trying to setup my cloud platform trial and the system is asking to verify my account via cellphone

The problem i am having is that i never got the SMS and i tried with 2 different numbers

Now it is asking me to get in touch with my Administrator, which in this case i think it should be someone in SAP

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Product and Topic Expert
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi abrescom,

Do you also have an account at SAP with an S-User type associated with the same e-mail you are trying to use? I've seen people with similar errors having two IDs (P-User and S-User) assigned to the same e-mail address.

To find out, you can open the SAP ID Service URL below:

And check that you have either an S-User or an P-User associated with your e-mail. If you don't have an account, that's another issue. If you do have one, there should be only a single ID assigned. If it is an S-User, then your must get in contact with your company's administrator. S-Users are managed by an admin user that SAP provides to companies so they can maintain users that interact with SAP systems (for instance: creating Support Tickets).

If you are still facing issues, they must be related to the e-mail you are using. If you can't find an administrator in your company to get in touch with, you could always use a different e-mail to create your account on SAP-CF.

Best regards,