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unable to see the message in xi

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I configured DEBMAS message to Xi. I done all the configuration as needed. When Iam sending the customer master using BD12, Iam seeing the idoc in we05 but I was unable to find that idoc in Xi side either through runtime workbench or through sxmb_moni tcode. Can anybody help me in this regard how to trace this idoc in Xi side. Thanks in advance.



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Answers (5)

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Try configuring the ALE layer also

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Tracing IDOC:

1. In R/3: TA WE05: IDOC status should be green.

2. In R/3: TA SM58: The list should be empty or your IDOC should not be part of it.

3. In XI: TA IDX5: Shows all the list of IDOCs received.

4. In XI: TA SXI_MONITOR: Displays the received IDOCs and its processing status.

If there is a problem in Step-2, Check the error in SM58. It could be due to:

- RFC Destination not working. Goto SM59, and try F8 & F6 to Test the RFC connectivity & Authorization.

- Control parameters (Ports / RFC destinations) entered in correct. Goto WE19, open the same IDOC, modify the control record values (EDIDC), and resend (F7).

Verify and update your problem status, if it still persists.


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Check also the adapter specific identifiers in the ID.It should be in synchronisation with your partner profiles..etc..and the client details..etc.

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Hi MM Rao,

Check these links, hope they help to fix your problem



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First check SM58 on the R/3 side to ensure no LUW is waiting or stuck.

Then use the tcode IDX5 to check whether the XI Idoc adapter has picked the IDoc.

Also ensure you have done the required setup using tcode: IDX1 and IDX2 for the required IDocs.

Then check whether logging and tracing levels are set properly in XI's Integration engine configuration to see the messages in SXMB_MONI.