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Unable to see DC containing PublicPart in Dev. Config. Perspective

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Hi Gurus,

Need your help with something.

I have two Software Components. SC1 (containing DC1) and SC2 (containing DC2).

I need DC1 to use DC2.

Here is what we did.

1. Provided a dependency b/w the Software Components using SLD.

2. Added our component as the Public Part in DC2.

3. Built and Deployed both, DC1 and DC2.

But, here is the issue. In the Development Configuration perspective, I am able to see SC2 under SC1. But the

SC2 doesnt contain DC2.

Any suggestions what is going wrong? Why the DC2 is not getting listed under SC2 and be available to be used by SC1?

Thanks for your time.


Anjana R.

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Answers (3)

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Did you create a track connection between the track containing SC2 and the track containing SC1? Simply defining a dependency in the SLD does just that (define a dependency - in other words, create meta-data), it does not transport the DC's. You need to connect the tracks together to get the required DC's into the target workspace - since you haven't done this, there are no DC's in the SC. This is very similar to how the standard SC's work - yes, you define a requirement, but until you actually import the SC's into the Development stage, they're not accessible.

When you fire up the CBS, look at the compartment for the Development portion of the track - for each SC, you should see a non-zero count of the number of dc's in that SC. If the number is 0, you need to import the SC.....

Once you define a track connection, import SC2 into the track for SC1 - you may have to re-download your dev config for the SC1 track, but a simple refresh might solve your problem.

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HI Anjana.

Here is the procedure.

First of all you need to add DC2 as dependency for SC1 in SLD. In the same you add standard one(DI Build, Jtech,jee)

Update CMS.

Now you should see DC2 in SC1 on track level.

Now Go to NWDS. Update Configurations.

Now you should able to use DC2 in DC1



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1. To resolve this inconsistency, update the data by using 'Update CMS' button in the CMS->Domain Data.

2. Ensure that the 'SC dependencies are synchronized with SLD' is in green state. You can also verify the dependencies from the 'View/Edit XML' file.

3. Remove and Import the Development Configuration in the NWDS again.

Hope these actions solve the issue !


Srinivasan T