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Unable to save data entered on interactive adobe form

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Hello all,

We are implementing HCM Processes and Forms and currently prototyping the existing forms in MSS. The intention is to use ABAP Webdynpro technology for the adobe forms.

After setting up the portal and configuring ADS, when I go to MSS --> Team --> Start Processes the list of employees reporting to the manager come up. After selecting the employee and clicking on select process, the process list comes up. After selecting the standard Termination process (provided by SAP), the Adobe document comes up and the Step is Edit (3).

However, when I select Check and Send button, the portal just hangs and no data is either created. The wait icon pops up and nothing happens after that.

The log on the server shows the following exception:

#1.5[impl:3]_221##0#0#Warning#1#/System/UserInterface#Java###Session unknown: Request with URI= was sent to unknown session. Either request with wrong session parameters was sent, or session has expired before . Current request parameters=. Is termination request=. Request was sent from host with IP=/name=. Hint: see SAP note 842635 for more details on session expiration. RID=


#8#/webdynpro/dispatcher/ Dec 13 02:09:48 CST 2007#{SAPWP_ACTIVE=1, sap-ext-sid=d1B7FYlQiIN7oXBMblKnhA==jVXmx9dBFK8GRKScKJbSw==, sap-ep-tstamp=1197913756723, ~SAPSessionCmd=USR_SUSPEND, sap-wd-cltwndid=WID1197913740776, sap-sessioncmd=USR_SUSPEND, dsmguid=1197913766723} Application session has expired: No application session with ID d1B7FYlQiIN7oXBMblKnhA==jVXmx9dBFK8GRKScKJbSw== exists. Hint: A follow-up request was sent to Web Dynpro, but no corresponding session was found under the existing sessions. Reasons: a) Session has expired; b) Web Dynpro is called with incorrect session parameters; c) Application session has been destroyed due to proceeding exception. Please restart the application

I have already checked the SAP note 842635 mentioned in the log but its not applicable in our case.

Request your advice.



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Answers (1)

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Discovered that the problem was with the Adobe version. Updated version to 8.1.1 and installed Active X control software and things started working.