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Unable to run an empty SAPUI5 application via SAP Business Application Studio

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Hi All,
for a few days I have not been able to run any application from BAS, also an empty application, this is the message error:

Request getOrCreateRoute failed with message: Cannot read property 'backends' of null

Follow the log:

fiori run --open 'index.html'
Fiori tools CLI.
info server:ux-proxy Starting fiori-tools-proxy using following configuration:
info server:ux-proxy proxy: ''
info server:ux-proxy ignoreCertError: 'false'
info server:ux-proxy backend: [{"path":"/sap/opu/odata","url":"http://localhost"}]
info server:ux-proxy ui5: {"url":"","version":null,"path":["/resources","/test-resources"],"directLoad":false}
info server:ux-proxy debug: 'false'
info server:ux-proxy Backend proxy started for http://localhost /sap/opu/odata
info server:ux-proxy Used destination: undefined
info server:ux-proxy UI5 proxy started for
info server:liveload Livereload middleware started for port 35731 and path /home/user/projects/project2/webapp
Server started
URL: http://localhost:8082

Any idea?

Thanks and best regards.


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Hi Zdravko,
in attachment the project (rename xml to tar).

Best Regards,