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Unable to resolve conflict on NWDI

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I´m unable to resolve an activity conflict on NWDI.

Using the version graph on the activity I see there are the following versions:




12 - - - (14)



My version is the version 14. I want to totally discard the version 13 and replace with my version 14. When I try to activate, there´s a message:

"Could not check in activity due to version conflict. Resolve the conflict and try again"

But when I go to DTR (http://nwdi:port/dtr/ ) at conflict option, its totally empty. I already tried searching by the workspace, by username and nothing appears.

If I go to "Integration Conflicts" view on NWDS, its also totally empty.

All "Resolve Conflict" options on activity are disabled.

Any ideia how to solve that issue?


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I have same problem. When i try to check in activity, it gives me same error. When i checked Integration Conflicts tab, i can't see anything

Did you solve the problem or any body have an idea about the reason of this error?