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Unable to replicate data due to Mass transfer ID is already being used to replicate data for table

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I have been running Datasphere replication flow for initial/Delta load for past couple of weeks. Recently, I stopped the job for some days. Now I am getting  error "Mass transfer ID is already being used to replicate data for table" when I try to restart the job.

How do I resolve this issue so that I can start a clean intitial/delta load.


/ thanks



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Hello @bhat_vaidya2 

those errors are difficult to analyze... what helped most often in the past is to check for any updated notes, via the respective Analyzer program from this note:

For S4 it is for example: SE38 - CNV_NOTE_ANALYZER_DI

I try to implement all new notes every two weeks.

If you open an incident in SAP for Me, they will likely ask you to do the same 😞

Even if it is a cloud product, most of the extraction happens in the Backend.

BR, Martin

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I was able to resolve it by Stopping the job in SLT. It seems that we have to stop the job in both Datasphere and SLT.