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Unable to read front end printer names

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After upgrade to ecc 6.0, the local front end printer names are not read correctly, when LOCL device type is used. All special characters in local printer names get converted to # and thus system unable to print.

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Answers (2)

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Can you delete the printers?

  1. I ask, as you could export the printers (you could filter the printers that are exported, but you may have other printer issues), open the exported file in notepad edit the printers, save the file.
  2. Delete all the printers in the system that you have an issue with, quite possibly all of them, if a printer doesn't delete, then chances are you have a locked spool entry that also has to be cleared.
  3. Import the revised exported file
  4. Verify in SPAD that your printers are there.and functional again.

Another option with a little more risk, is to have your DBA edit the entries directly in the DB (which is probably not supported by SAP):

Review the following tables:

TSP03 - Printer declaration

TSP03A - Device description (new format)

TSP03C - Device Description Extension

TSP03D - Device Description (New Format)

TSP03L - Long device names

Unsure which printer name (long or short) is causing the issue, but I would point you to table TSP03L first, and follow up with table TSP03.  The other tables are just in case.

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Can you give us a more detail description?... Also did you do a Unicode Conversion during the upgrade?

Regards, Juan

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We did an upgrade from ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0 EHP6.

Yes we also did a unicode upgrade.

To explain the issue, this system uses LOCL for its printing with access method 'F', so that user can use any front end printer installed in the system.

Now the issue is as this is a system in french region, thus they have some printer names with French characters such as é . These characters appear as # and thus when such a printer is selected for printing it doesn't work.