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Unable to reach the catalog service.check service configuration and check again in SAP Web IDE


Hi ,

When i am trying to access the services under service Catalog from Back end system, I got the below error as in SAP Web IDE under Manifest - Data services - New data connection .

Error Details:

'Unable to reach the catalog service.please check the service configuration and check again in Data Connection in SAP Web IDE'.

Can any body please help me in this issue.

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Hi venkata12 ,

How do you "Deactivate"? Catalog Service Version 1?

Best Regards

Andre Julius

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Go to /n/iwfnd/maint_service .select the service in the list. in the below panel, ICF node, click on the arrow icon and select Configure ICF node. it opens in the service catalog. right click on the service Catalog service 1 and deactivate the service.