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Unable to login Visual Administrator..

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Hello Friends,

I have installed ECC 6.0(ABAP+JAVA SR2 SP9) on windows 2003 with Oracle 10g database.

1. I am unable to logon visual administration with j2ee_admin user. I think its locked.. I tried to unlock with sap* user. There also I am not able to unlock.

2. Now I have to configure java web dynpro. What r the basic steps for configure java web dynpro. My engine is sp9. Which netweaver developer studio I have to use. Please provide me download links.

3. Is there is any relation between j2ee_admin not logging and running java web dynpro. Can I run the java web dynpro without logging in to the visual administrator.

4. After installing NWDS how to connect the server from NWDS.

5. My system is standalone. It does not have SLD



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1. Use TCode SU01 to unlock J2EE_ADMIN user or change its password, then log into ABAP part with this user and retry to log in Visual Admin.

2. Please use the same version as your JAVA WAS for the Developer Studio. You can find it in

3. Normally, there is no relation between connection to J2EE_ADMIN and Java Web Dynrpo configuration. But you need a user with Java Admin role to configure WDPJ.

4. See this link : <a href="">Deploying the SDA to the J2EE Engine</a>

5. If you want to develop Java Web Dynpro with RFC connection to ECC you need a SLD.