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Unable to list or upload data to SAP ObjectStore provisioned S3 Bucket

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Tutorial I am following :- Ingest Live Data into your House Price Predictor with SAP AI Core | SAP Tutorials

I am trying out a simple House price prediction Tutorial by SAP on BTP using the AI Core service. I want to upload the training data to #Object Store on SAP BTP #, so I create an instance of it and generate service keys. The Object Store provisions an AWS S3 Bucket and provide access_key_id, bucket name and other important stuff in the key.

I Download the AWS CLI, then use

aws configure

then provide all the details provided by the service key. Then I use

aws s3 cp train.csv s3://<BUCKET_NAME>/example-dataset/house-price-toy/data/jan/train.csv

the command above gives SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED, so tried to download and store the certificate using openssl but it gave error as well, so ultimately resorted to --no-verify-ssl option (unsafe I know).

when trying to use 

aws s3 ls

It gives "An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the ListBuckets operation: Access Denied"
when uploading with --no-ssl-verify option it gives
upload Failed: An error occurred (403) when calling the PutObject operation: Forbidden


Note: I am working behind a corporate Proxy.

I dont even have a clue on where to check the IAM permissions since the bucket is provisioned by SAP.

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Product and Topic Expert
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I am now able to access the bucket through winscp but unable to upload my data (.csv file). One thing I noticed is that I can upload my data by reducing its size extensively, but its not feasible.there appears to be some sort of file size limit