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Unable to install Sneak Preview 6.40 parallel to Test Drive 6.10

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Last fall, I installed WAS 6.10 Test Drive in conjunction with Web AS 6.30 Netweaver Studio Sneak Preview. This was a hairy install, for a number of reasons, but I ultimately got it to work, and I could write ABAP programs and talk to Java programs developed in NetWeaver Studio using JCo. However, the laptop all that was installed on was a 700 MHz, 256 MB system, and abysmally slow.

I now have a new laptop with 1.5GB of memory, running at 3.06 GHz, and I'd like to do my testing development there. I have successfully re-installed Was 6.10 Test Drive, and all is well. The WA1 instance is working ok (and considerably more responsive, I might add!). DBMCLI reports that the db version installed is 7.3.0.

So here's the problem: I'd like to install the Web AS 6.40 Sneak Preview I spent all day downloading. However, the install crashes early on. The install log reports:

ERROR 2004-04-01 18:03:45

CJS-00081 Assertion failed: in

function InstallationScript_62() {

var installer = new Installer();

var kdb = new KeyDB();

var context = new Context();

var gui = new Gui();

and then there's reams of Java code.

Somehow I ended up looking at a file named XCMDOUT.LOG, where I see:

Execute Command : C:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -s dbm_version

Execute Session Command : exit

> Subprocess stops at 20040401174948


VERSION = 7.3.0

BUILD = DBMServer 7.3.0 Build 015-000-070-423

OS = WIN32

INSTROOT = C:\sapdb\WA1\db

LOGON = True


SWAP = full


INSTANCE = (unknown)

SYSNAME = Windows

So: why is the install stopping? Is it unhappy because the SAPDB version is not the same as the one it expects? If so, is there a way to "upgrade" the currently installed SAPDB, so that the Sneak Preview will be satisfied?

I would install the two systems in reverse order, only the 6.10 Test Drive install refuses to install if it sees another DB already installed (Or is there a way around that particular problem?)

I know there's got to be a way to get this done. I read someplace on this forum that one might install an "empty" 7.5 version of maxdb SAP RTE before running the 6.40 Sneak Preview install - do you think that would work?

I'm just an ABAPer at heart, trying to move up into the Java world, and really don't know anything at all about SAPDB installs, instances, etc. Can someone offer me some advice how to accomplish what I'm trying to do?


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Hello David,

the installation tool sdbinst writes an own registry file

where every single file is listed which is installed by sdbinst.

During an Upgrade sdbinst checks this registry and compares it to the files which are on the disk.

libpcr.lib is a UNIX library. That's the reason why sdbinst brought up that error. Whenever a file is deleted by hand and not by the tool "sdbuninst" sdbinst might complain a missing file.

To check what SAP DB or MaxDB software is installed you can run the command "sdbregview -l"

To verify the existent software you can run "sdbverify"

sdbverify also offers a possibility to set an inconsistant installation to "invalid". Then sdbinst will install the software without checking the files.

Best regards, Stefan

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Hi Stefan:

I found a sdbinst.exe file in a couple of places in the downloaded 6.40 install data. When I run it for the SAP AS RTE, I get an error:

"Cannot do update check - test file "c:/sapdb/programs/runtime/7301/pgm/libpcr.dll" not found" and the session ends abnormally.

I did a search and do not find that dll anyplace in the install data.

I did find a libpcr.lib in that directory, though.

What next?

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Hi Stefan: Here's some updated info:

I found a libpcr.dll on my old laptop, and moved it to the required directory on the new laptop, and then retried the sdbinst install. It then griped about not finding libpcr.dll in the 7400 directory, under the pgm subdirectory. That subdirectory didn't exist, so I created it and copied the libpcr.dll from the old laptop to the new one, and reran the sdbinst.exe, which ran to completion.

I'm now ready to try the Sneak Preview install again, I guess...

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Here's the net of my experience with this install so far perhaps it will be of help to some others.

The Sneak Preview installer choked on checking the version of the installed db (which was 7.3). Upon Stefan's advice (see above) I undertook to install 7.5 of the db as an upgrade to the SAP RTE.

1. The install wanted me to upgrade to SAPDB 7.5 from 7.3. In order to run sdbinst.exe successfully, I was required to copy libpcr.dll from another system (found in .../7301/pgm to the corresponding directory on the system on which I am installing.

2. I was also required to find a libpcr.dll for 7400, which the current install expected to find in a .../7400/pgm directory, which did not exist. I created the directory and copied a libpcr.dll that I found in the 7400 directory on my original system to the new target directory.

SDBINST then successfully installed MaxDB 7.5, and this allowed the Sneak Preview 6.40 to progress past the point of checking the database version.

The next hangup came when the Sneak Preview install looked for a file named webdbm.dll. I located one of those in my old system (dated 3/28/2003) and moved it to the required directory, and the installer got past that point.

The installer then stopped because it could not find a file named dbanalyzer.exe. I located one of those on my old system and moved it to the place required on the new system.

At that point the install finsihed successfully, and I ws able to bring up the ABAP Workbench (using the Test Drive WAS 6.10 system) as well as NetWeaver Developer Studio.

I haven't yet tried bringing them up simultaneously - that's my next effort.

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All that works like a champ! I'm now RFCing back and forth from Java to ABAP (via JCO) all on my laptop. Thanks for your help, Stefan, and thanks for this forum!

Still don't understand about the missing libprc.dll's, webdbm.dll, and dbanalyzer.exe. When I installed the 6.40 Sneak Preview by itself, I had none of those problems.

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this is ok.

Maybe first two sentences to the SAP DB / MaxDB software architecture.

In general there are two parts:

1.) Version independend software

this is installed ( SAP standard ) under \sapdb\programs

It includes all programs which exists only once on that host. For example the x_server which handles all the remote communication.

The Version independend software has always the highest version of all installed SAP DB or MaxDB versions.

2.) Version dependend software ( Instroot )

The SAP standard is: \sapdb\<sid>\db

It includes the kernel executables etc.

Since with 640 MaxDB 75 is installed also the independend software will be updated.

When you have the database CD you can upgrade the existent client software by yourself.

Just follow these steps:

0. stop the R/3 System on your host

1. Close all open applications on your desktop.

2. open a dos-box

3. run "x_server stop"

4. run net stop sapdbwww

When an error occured that no service with this name is installed it's ok.

5. Navigate to your CD in the directory:


6. run "sdbinst.exe"

7. Choose "Runtime for SAP AS"

8. When the upgrade finished succesfully run "x_server"

sdbinst writes a logfile into the directory c:\sapdb\data\wrk\MaxDB*

This will only upgrade your independend software.

Your WAS Instance will stay on 7.3

When the upgrade was succesfull restart your installation.

Hope that helps, Stefan

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Hi Stefan - thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

inst_enum: c:\sapdb\wa1\db

db_enum: wa1 c:\sapdb\wa1\db fast offlne

During the pre-install checks, the displayed log showed:

WARNING 2004-04-02 06:50:13

The step check_base_software with step key J2EE_Workplace|ind|ind|ind|WebAS|630|0|J2EE_EngineEnterpriseDefault|ind|ind|ind|WebAS|630|0|J2EE_Engine|ind|ind|ind|J2EE_Engine|630|0|J2EE_Engine_SAPDB_Webtools_internal|ind|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|SAPDB_DB_SOFTWARE|ind|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|check_base_software was executed with status ERROR.

I found this message very near the end of the sapinst_dev.log:

The database software on the host has the version: 73, the software on cd: 75.The database client software version is out of range. Upgrade the database client software and retry this installation!

Is any of this helpful?

Tell me, is it possible to upgrade the db in place, as the error message suggests?

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in general it is not a problem to have SAP DB 7.3

and MaxDB 7.5 on one host.

Please run this command in a dos-box and send me

the output:

1.) dbmcli inst_enum

2.) dbmcli db_enum

The log XCMDOUT.log contains all database commands.

Please compare the timestamp of the command in XCMDOUT.log

with the error message in sapinst_dev.log to check

if the command has something to do with the error.

When does the installation abort exactly ?

Is it in the Dialog Phase or during the doing phase ?

Thanks, Stefan