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Unable to Install SAP UI5 in Cloud Share

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Hello ,

I am not able to install the SAP UI5 software update in HANA Studio. While trying to install the same - I am getting an exception below

My connection preferences are as below -

Can anyone please suggest a solution to fix the same or an alternative way to download the UI5 libraries ?



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Same problem here, also need help.

Another problem with CloudShare, that my SAPUI5 runtime is not installed by default(or at least, not activated).

Fresh install of HANA environment and:

Error 404: hanacloud:8000/sap/ui5/1/resources/sap-ui-core.js

However, ui5 package is in the repository. I have tried "Redeploy" and "Activate", nothing helps.

The missing runtime leads to blank pages in formLogin and both web IDEs.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Do you try solution from this post ?

It's helped for some people, but in my system(on cloudshare server) this solution not work.

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I have tried so many things with my cloudshare. Let me try this one


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Ok, this fixes objects that are activated in Dec, but my issue is that when I import SAPUI5 delivery unit, it shows no error, but it doesn't get activated at all.

Then my sap-ui-core.js and all the runtime library is not accessible via url.