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unable to find infotype templates?

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Our HCM functionnal team is looking for SAP delivered MS EXCEL templates for


Having said that, i was searching all cds delivered by SAP .But i could not

find these excel files.

Can i download these templates from sap service portal?



PS:We got HCM running in ECC 6.0 system

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Hello Rama,

As checked for the info objects for HCM, I found the following to be useful :-

1> Schema writing is an Functional person's Job.

Tcode is PE01. You can check any standard schema for e.g. U000 ( for US ) & then display & press 'F1' button on any functions to understand more clearly.

2> Check the standard schema make it your zschema and do the R & D by writing and adding own rules in the customized one.

i would lik to know as to how and where are these being used at the time of implementation.

PE01 schema

PE02 Rules.

it is ABAPers job or the functionals are involved too?

3> I think this should solve your problem :- -> Support Packages and Patches -> " SAP Content" -> BI Content -> " BI CONT" -> BI CONT 7.03(or any version as per ur requirements)

-> Download and store it in proper directory.

Please do let me know if this resolves your issue.

Thank you.



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What we are looking for is infotype templates..

I found quite few templates in HCM Best Practices bundle.