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Unable to fetch Purchase Order Item Note details via standard API

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Hello All,

             I am using standard purchase API get call to fetch the Purchase Order details and send the details to 3rd party system. The problem being faced is, we are unable to fetch the purchase order item note details via the standard API. 

I am using the standard API:

& the input values are PO number:457XXXX, item no:00010, Text object type: F07  language: EN.


Is there any point which needs to be specified, for the item note details to be pulled via the standard API

I am getting the below error:
<Text>Unknown http error occurred in the context of Data Services</Text>








<Text>Resource not found for segment 'A_PURCHASEORDERITEM_2'</Text>













<Text>Resource not found for entity 'A_PURCHASEORDERITEM_2'</Text>





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Thanks a ton to you for detailing the solution. Much appreciated!
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It seems the Standard REST API is not properly activated in your system.

Before that first check whether your present S4 System is compatible as per the Release information of this API, "Resource not found" error is normally encountered when there is discrepancies with the REST Service related Technical Artefacts.






Thank Sijin for the response. Appreciated your response.

We did some digging and found out that the table ESH_SR_LTXT  from which the CDS view is picking the data from, and further to the API.

The values in the specific table were not being updated/filled.

Further we searched and found out a note: 3048704 - Long text (SAPScript) search enablement for CDS-based search 

Which contains a program: ESH_SR_LTXT_REPLICATE which needs to be run.

We ran the program and could see the table being updated with the long text details.

Hence the API was able to fetch the details and display.

This resolved the issue