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Unable to edit locally Document Repository

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Current deployed version ep 7 on a windows 2003 server. End users are not administrator's of their PC and are not prompted to install docservice / We've added the site to the trusted site list which doesn't appear tpo help. Because of this they aren't able to "edit locally". How can we deploy the without touching every machine

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Dear Haskell

Perhaps you can extract the .cab file (most likely it contains a few dll files) and use a tool on windows server 2003 to install the extracted files on all the end user computers.

Kind regards


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The contains to dll's (SAPKMProgressPlayer.dll and docservice.dll) and an inf file. The .inf file doesn't clearly state where to install the dll's to. If I logon as an admin and install the cab from the portal interface then search for the dll's it appears the docservice.dll goes into the C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files directory.

I've also attempted to register the dll and the docservice.dll errors the other works fine. I was hoping I could get an msi file for the install and push the install via a group policy.

We have 600 users on our network any manual process is going to be very time consuming. Just looking for an easy deployment plan.

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Hi Michael,

it's exactly what I did :

I built an msi with visual studio installer from MS with the extracted files. You have to specify the folder where to install the files and the registry keys.

We deploy it via AD.


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I just received a call from a user complaining about a similar issue. In this case, the user is receiving the following error from within IE:

Your current Security Settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly.

The URL is a trusted site; that is, activeX control download, execution, etc. are enabled.

What is curious is that the docservice.dll is not located in the "...\Downloaded Program Files" directory (actually its nowhere on the local disk); however, ProcMon shows that it is being loaded successfully so I assume its a virtual process...

I checked with another user who is a local administrator on their desktop and the same operation works for that user, so is it a permission issue? Hopefully not as we do not grant local admin rights to everyone. Note too that the docservice.dll file is not on the local admin's desktop least not in the "...\Downloaded Programs Files" folder...

Thanks for any info.