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Unable to deploy J2EE DC

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I've got a question regarding the deployment of an SDA in terms of a J2EE DC. The SDA has got a reference declared to the public part of a Java DC (name= csdshop/shoplibsources). This public part has been enabled as to be used in context of SDA creation. The Java DC grants the J2EE DC access to its public part. I'm able to build the SDA file but not to deploy it. On deployment I get the error message below. Could anybody give me a hint what I'm doing wrong here?

Thank you in advance an regards,




04.01.2005 09:48:04 /userOut/deploy ( [Thread[Deploy Thread,5,main]] WARNING:

[011]Deployment finished with warning


SDM host : xxxxxx

SDM port : 50018

URL to deploy : file:/C:/DOKUME1/1130/LOKALE1/Temp/temp7381de.axentiv.csdcsdshopshoplibs.sda


=> deployment not executed : file:/C:/DOKUME1/1130/LOKALE1/Temp/temp7381de.axentiv.csdcsdshopshoplibs.sda

Unresolved dependencies found for the following SDAs:

1.: development component 'csdshop/shoplibs'/'de.axentiv.csd'/'TED_CsdShop_D'/'20050104094758'


name: 'csdshop/shoplibsources'

vendor: 'de.axentiv.csd'

Deployment will be aborted.

Deployment exception : Got problems during deployment

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Answers (2)

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the deployment works but my webdynpro app can't find my libs at runtime event though they belong to the public part of the DC and the DC is deployed under the name:

de.axentiv.csd/csdshop/shoplibs. For simple libs it is sufficient to quote the name as library reference once the lib is deployed. This doesn't seem to work here. Has anybody ever created a Webdypro project with references to java library development components? Which steps have to be taken to make things work?

Regards and thank you for any help,


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I found a way to resolve the problem above. There is a property on the declaration of the dependency between the J2EE DC and the public part of the used Java DC saying that a deploytime dependency exists. I have set this to false. In order to do this I had to redefine the dependency in my Development Configurations view. A simple change of the property wasn't possible - don't know why...