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Unable to delete package because of object inside

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I have the following situation :

I want to delete a particular package ( package for ABAP objects , ex. programs )

SE80  etc.

- error message :  the package still contains subobjects

- screen doesn´t show any program inside that package which I want to delete

Now I dig : " SE16n, view maintanance"   tells me that there is really an object inside

, in my case its a program.

But now I try to delete that program mentioned via SE38

message : program xyz does not exist .

advice is appreciate.



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Answers (3)

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You get the error message "Package still contains the subobjects" even when you deleted all of them. It's because the entries in TABDIR are still existed (the link between the package with the objects).

You have to delete those links in SE03 by doing as follow.

After that you can delete the package.

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Right-click on the package that you are trying to delete -> 'Other Functions' -> 'Rebuild Object List'.

Once you rebuild, the ‘problematic’ sub-objects will reappear and you can delete them again. Release the respective TR and then delete the main package.

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Try the rebuild package object list in other functions and then try a package check for all objects.