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Unable to create the Pie chart for the Horizontal table?

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Hi All

       I am unable to create the pie chart properly for my horizontal table which has hardly two fields.The value for those fields are getting retrieved from the Formula.However upon turning them to pie chart its displaying hardly one measure

After choosing the "Turn Into" option we are getting the following chart

The formula for Direct Customers: =(Count([UNIQUE KEY]) Where ([Customer type]<>"P"))

                       Indirect Customers:=(Count([UNIQUE KEY]) Where ([Customer type]="P"))

The assign data option of the chart shows hardly the count(unique key) as the selected value:

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Moumita,

Your horizontal table is based on two measures. one i Direct customer count and other is indirect customer count.

Where as for creating a pie chart you need one measure and one dimension, it wont take more than one measure.

that is the reason you are getting blank chart.

Create a Dimension variable to get direct , indirect customers as

IF([Customer type]<>"P";"Direct Customers;Indirect Customers)

Create one measure as Count([UNIQUE KEY])

Drag pie chart from template and use these two variables

Pie sector size as your count

color as the dimension variable

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Hi Divya

          Thanks a lot.Your Solution worked

Thank you

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