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Unable to create iViews from PAR's

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We have been assigned the role of a content admin for our user accounts. But, when we try to create IViews using PAR's, the iview creation wizard doesn't show the deployed PAR's on the wizard.

What needs to be changed in our user configuration so as to list out the deployed PAR's. Also, the same thing is visible for the super admin account.

Please help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srinidhi,

check my postings within the following threads...

Hope it helps


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi There,

Try checking the components archived on the portal runtime on the support desk from the administrator. Contents in the following link on your portal show them:

System Administration->Support->Support Desk.

Now ur in the Support desk. from here navigate to

Portal Runtime->Deployment Overview

This screen shows up with the server and didpatcher details. Now click on the server id.

The popup give the list of components installed. If the message on the popup is

'No component archive is to be updated.'

Then click on the CLICK HERE link on top of the table. This takes you to the content that is archived. If there are any entries here, then with your role, an Iview from par can be created else not.


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hi srindi,

we have been given the same rights of just the content admin to work with. make sure that you right click the portal content and select new From par option>iview option , so as to bring the deployed PAR to the iview wizard. i think that content admin rights is just enough to bring the deployed PAR in wizard and create iview out of it.