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Unable to connect to your running AWS HANA DB? Read this...

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Dear HANA Developer Community,

some of you have reported issues with connecting to your HANA DB from HANA Studio, even though you followed the steps outlines in . Well, guess what - I just ran into the same issue for the first time. We are investigating the root cause, but what helped me:

  • logon to the OS of your HANA box (ssh / puTTY as described in Part 5 of the getting started document)
  • switch to user hdbadm
    su - hdbadm
  • stop and re-start the database
    startsap or
    ./HDB stop
    ./HDB start

After those steps, my HANA Studio was able to connect again

cheers and have fun with HANA


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Answers (2)

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Dear Juergen,

Many thanks for your blog.

I followed the steps as mentioned by you, but still unable to connect to the HANA server through HANA studio.

Appreciate if you could assist me further.



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I have no problem to connect to a new HANA Developer instance from HANA Studio. I then created an AWI (AWS image) from the running instance and terminated the current instance. Next time, when I create a new HANA instance from AWI, am unable to connect to the instance from HANA Studio. I used PuTTY (and HDB info) to check the HANA status. It looks like all the HANA servers are running.

Any suggestions?



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Dear Juergen,

Thanks for the blog.

As I follow your blog and at point 4 I struck as I could not able to give SYSTEM ID which the add system wizard is asking with out this i see the error in connection.

For images please click the below link.

Request you to kindly provide answer.

Many Thanks,