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Unable to connect to R/3 System

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Hi Experts,

I am doing a File to RFC Scenario. When i try to import the RFC into my XI Landscape. I am getting the following Error:

Unable to establish connection to R/3 system

Troubleshooting tips:

Is the target system online?

Check the connection data (note that server names and groups are case-sensitive)

Tips for administrators (see the configuration guide for more details):

Does the user have the required authorizations in the target system?

Is the target system configured correctly in "etc/services"?

Regards Michal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check your connection in SM59 (from XI to R3)

to see if you can connect from XI to R3



Answers (6)

Answers (6)

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I had the same problem, and managed to solve.

As I said earlier you should check logs for errors.

I was creating a connection between two servers and one was behind a NATed firewall.

If you would see a timeout error on the target side (that's what happened here) then you should either disable NAT (that's what helped here) or try a solution from note 148832 and set gw/alternative_hostnames to indicate to the gateway than the external IP address received identifies the host you are connecting to.

Hope that helps

Best Regards


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Hi Michal,

Check your RFC destination had been maintained properly...

In Import radio Button option...

check whether you had given correct HOST Name and the SYSTEM No.:00

specify the client along with USED ID & Password...

Might help you..


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1.Check RFC destination from XI to R/3.Give the correct Target Host or ip of R/3.


2. While importing IDOC give correct Application number, system number and client.



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Check /usr/sap/<SID>/[DVEBMGSxx|JCxx]/work/dev_server0 (or other server number files if you have more than one) to check what causes the problem. Explanation should be clear.

I'm also fighting this problem, but looks like the firewall prevents the connection here.

Best Regards


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1. ping the ip from XI server.

2. check for these errors

Host name resolution (not relevant if you use IP).

Incorrect System ID.

Incorrect System number.

I have seen a firewall cause this.

Apart from that need to be there to investigate. Start with logs in J2EE, etc

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HI Michal

Just double click on the sw componet and check whether the radio button <b>"Import of RFC's and IDOC's interfaces from SAP Systems permitted"</b> then you give R/3 Application Server name and the System no. as 00 and give your UserID and Password.



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